CINDY & MIKE JACOBS – Prophetic Word for FloodGate


It’s going to happen. I see a studio a built and equipped studio. I see editing bays. The Lord says that everything is going to be a new look. It’s a new wine church in an old wine skin. The next generation is going to connect to the new look. The Lord says “Redo everything” and the money is going to come in such an extraordinary way and the people are going to come and say “wow”.  So, Father, I thank you for the anointing for the new look and that the money will be there.  I thank You, Holy Spirit, that You’re going to do it! You can either do it the easy way or the hard way! I just see “NEW”.  If you go for the new, I’ll bring the new.

A lot of people say someday. Put some cash in today. You’ll get the someday. This is the strategy. Thank you for the money, for the new sound,

Bill you’re going to have a Bible school. He says this area needs a Bible training center, everything I’ve put in you, everything that’s happened before all you’re education, it’s for now. It’s for the next generation. They need to know. It’s going to be excellent. There are many hungry hearts and minds. You’ll teach them to love me with their minds as well as their hearts. We’re to love the Lord heart soul and mind, but what about the mind? We thank you, God, that this church will be holistic. It will marry the spirit and the intellect together. And even a new wine in the area of a Bible teaching center, a Bible teaching school, And Lord we thank you for this.  The Lord says “just get started.” Dream, Bill. If you don’t use that part of you, you’re going to grow stagnant. You love the Holy Spirit’s movement, but there’s another side of you that’s not being tapped into and not reaching the fullness of the destiny. So take what you’ve learned and dream for a new generation.


This area of Brighton will be the fulfillment of that prophecy the Lord gave me for Michigan. There is a marketplace anointing here. He’s already brought a certain number of people who have the heart and vision of what a city can be and what a region can be.  I believe this will be an incubator for what God wants to release into the whole Detroit region. Not just Bible school- something that will give Spiritual understanding for those who are gifted in the Marketplace. This will be a home/ environment in which their creativity will be released to see the fulfillment of the word for the region.

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