James Goll – Prophetic Word for Pastors Bill & Clara- OCT 2013

Glory Arise. You will be carriers of the glorious presence -the glorious contagious presence. I announce a spirit of adoption. I speak that you will carry a Father’s Heart message that will heal the heart of many rejected and church abused people from former control restraints. And you will have vents to the river, but there will be a current that will flow into and out from this house. And every where the river goes there is LIFE!

I see a very distinct thing like John and Carol but for pastor/leaders. A renewal gathering. I see you having your own thing where you will send out a clarion call and soak them and sing over them and wash the feet of war weary pastors serve them cups of water, bring them renewal. As as team, husband and wife you will break down walls in Jesus Name.

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